About Us

About our company

KiS Advisory was started to support a segment of the business community, specifically small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) and mid-market enterprises (MMEs), frame the request for the best possible outcome when negotiating with Financial Services solutions providers.

Our vision

Our vision is to be a trusted partner for you on every step of the journey, someone to bounce ideas off, and take onboard the time and stress leaving you to focus on what you are good at, growing your business

15 years

Having enjoyed a 15 year career in Corporate and Commercial Banking, I have the ability to understand requests from both a Credit and Relationship Management viewpoint. The sheer number of business models analysed in detail helps to bring perspective, breadth, clarity and insight that tracks back to patterns of behaviour.

The days of a truly responsive relationship bank are fading fast.

Banking and financing solutions may be viewed as a commodity service. It is crucial for SMEs and MMEs to explore the wider market rather than rely purely on the incumbent financial institution managing their business account to service all their needs

Our Core Principles

KiS Advisory was created to be an extension of the three core principles that I have applied in all my professional and personal ventures.

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Our Approach

KiS Advisory is well placed to work with you to tailor a request to best approach a solutions provider and navigate their Credit, Compliance and Account Opening processes.

My banking experience enables me to communicate effectively and position the request for the best possible terms for the client, whilst balancing the perceived risk & return requirements of a solutions provider.

Bespoke Solution

By applying the three core principles to the vision, KiS Advisory aims to provide a bespoke service, with a personal touch, using the expertise and relationships formed in Financial Services to collaborate and navigate in a dynamic marketplace.

Whilst every solutions provider will profess to be “open for business”, the reality is not all are and some may not be able to provide a tailored solution.
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KiS Advisory has helped clients across several industries access bespoke solutions from a range of solutions providers including banks, alternative finance providers, and debt funds.

Indy Siriwardana,

Founder & Director

Indy has worked at two leading banks in the UK since starting his career on the Graduate Training Programme at HSBC in 2004. Roles in Retail, Corporate and Investment Banking have helped to form his rounded understanding of Financial Services, from taking retail deposits to underwriting Debt Capital Market transactions.

Working in Credit helped to refine techniques in analysing an array of business models, management teams, financials, forecasts, and risks before recommending and presenting at Credit Committee.
Roles in Relationship Management enabled Indy to work with businesses from a variety of sectors including Retail, Hospitality, Leisure, Business Services, TMT, Real Estate Services, Consultancies, Insolvency Practitioners, Asset & Wealth Managers, Fintechs, and Car Dealerships.

Indy has worked extensively on understanding client requirements and recommending product development to deliver bespoke client solutions.

For example, Indy worked with membership bodies allied to Real Estate Services enabling their members to open General Client Accounts whereas the industry norm required Segregated Client Accounts. Indy also presented tailored solutions for Insolvency Practitioners and Wealth Managers by understanding their requirements and commercialising the opportunity for the Bank.

Highly experienced in deal structuring encompassing debt servicing requirements, appropriate financial and non-financial covenants, suitable acquisition controls, and security. Indy has led through the full life cycle of transactions from working with business owners to define the request to negotiation and execution.
Away from work, hobbies include property development, spinning, and spending time with his two kids.