About our company

KiS Advisory was started to support a segment of the business community, specifically small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) and mid-market enterprises (MMEs), frame the request for the best possible outcome when negotiating with Financial Services solutions providers.

Our vision

Our vision is to be a trusted partner for you on every step of the journey, someone to bounce ideas off, and take onboard the time and stress leaving you to focus on what you are good at, growing your business

15 years

Having enjoyed a 15 year career in Corporate and Commercial Banking, I have the ability to understand requests from both a Credit and Relationship Management viewpoint. The sheer number of business models analysed in detail helps to bring perspective, breadth, clarity and insight that tracks back to patterns of behaviour.

The two young apprentices being home-schooled on the fundamentals…

Our Services

KiS Advisory has helped clients across several industries access bespoke solutions from a range of solutions providers including banks, alternative finance providers, and debt funds.


KiS Advisory aims to position your business for growth, create/enhance competitive advantages, align costs to business strategy, whilst being cognisant of risks.


Experience in successfully supporting clients on debt facilities ranging from £2m to £50m and have previously credit approved requests up to £150m across various debt structures and tenors.

Banking & Liquidity

The longstanding adage ‘cash is king’ holds true and a systematic review of operational needs and day-to-day transactions is crucial to understand working capital and its [in]efficiencies.


KiS Advisory can help you negotiate enhanced rates on liquidity coverage ratio (LCR) friendly deposits as banks have a number of pricing structures with most clients invariably being offered the lowest possible rate.

foreign Exchange
Risk Management

KiS Advisory can work with you to review exposure to foreign exchange volatility and run a process to compare rates offered by incumbent institutions as well as new entrants.


KiS Advisory enjoys an extensive network of Real Estate market participants and also personally through investing in property over the past decade.

British Business Bank Business Support Schemes Deliver Over £51bn Of Loans To Smaller Businesses

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